Sunday, February 27, 2011

So we sailed on to the sun till we found the sea of green.

Josh (boyfriend) wanted me to title this "Yellow Submarine", but that made me feel like I was just playing into one of the fat jokes he always he makes about me, so I didn't. Take that, Josh. :) 

My Mama and I made this dress during the summer and it's by far one of the comfiest ones I have AND it has pockets! I love it to death, but I don't really wear it too often and I'm not sure why. I really need to take her out more, poor thing.
Also, I promise I actually wore shoes today, I just didn't feel like running back downstairs to get them for the pictures.

Please ignore my ridiculous face. I wanted to show a picture of Josh and I don't have very many. He looks a  little intense here, but he's really the sweetest guy I know. (Thank you for the pictures.)

Outfit Details:
Dress- Homemade
Jacket- Forever 21 a few years ago ($12?)
Cloche- Thrift Store ($10)
Socks- Walmart ($2)
Belt- Thrift Store ($1)