Friday, August 26, 2011


Hello :)

I just want to let it be known that I am a happy camper. And here are some photos of my outfit and some other stuff from a couple of days ago.

Hope you all are doing wonderfully! 


Black Blazer - Hand me down from my sister's fiancĂ©'s mother...haha, Yellow-y tan vest/shirt - Thrifted ($.50), Black Tank - Sister's, Floral Shorts - Target  ($16), Black over the knee socks - ?, Tan heels - Target ($13), Pin - Thrifted ($1) 

Ollie :)

Sadie :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Today is tomorrow. It happened!"

(First off, the title of this post is a quote from the movie Groundhog Day. We just finished watching it in my Philosophy in Film class, and I really recommend it! It does get a bit tedious and cheesy at times, but overall it's a pretty good movie. Very thought'll definitely make you feel something.)

It's always interesting to see the way things change from one day to the next.

Sometimes they really don't seem to at all, and others just leave you with that "Woah, man." sort of feeling. These photos were taken yesterday, and nothing is physically any different (not really anyway) but I'm feeling so much better. It's funny how much better a good fight followed by a nice kick in the ass can make a person feel.  

I got these amazing pixie boots through a trade with another etsy seller (visit her here ...she's got some amazing things!). She was super sweet, and they're exactly what I'd been looking for for an extremely long time! I think they look like Anya's (or Anastasia's...whatever) shoes from the animated movie Anastasia, and I love them all the more for it! 

These are the first outfit photos that I've been able to take of myself in a long time, and I really missed it. I lost my tripod somewhere and it's been missing for a few weeks now, so I finally just decided to buy a new one. I figure that if my old one ever turns up, it'll always be nice to have a back up! But I took a little extra time with these photos, and I think they may be some of my favorites! In case you're wondering (you probably weren't, but I'll tell you anyway) the pictures in this post are probably my very favorite.

Striped Dress - Max Rave ($16), Green Cardigan - Thrifted ($4), Brown Pixie Boots - MadisonCreekVintage , Belt - Thrifted ($.50), Silver Locket - Birthday gift from Josh :)

Also relating to the change from one day to the next thing...

Yesterday I was getting all up in this bee's face to take the above picture, and today I got stung for the first time in my life. Twice, too. Once in each leg. Smart wasp, huh?

Oh, the irony.

My first attempt at a levitation shot.

Have an excellent day/night, everyone!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another one.

This is a rant.

To anyone who reads this: thank you. Also, I'm sorry you had to read my complaining.

Last night it came to my attention (a.k.a. I overheard them talking very loudly about it on skype) that my sister's fiance had somehow found my youtube channel, and therefore very likely this blog. This probably doesn't sound like a big deal, but to me at least, it really is. 

First of all, when I first made this blog I had decided that I was never going to give the address to people that I actually know in real life (except a few close friends), including and especially my family. I decided this simply because I want this to be my place where I can write whatever I want and post whatever I want without worrying about people I know reading it. I wanted this to be my place to do with what pleased. The same goes for my youtube channel, lookbook, tumblr...whatever. So far it has been, and I love this little blog for it. But now I know that I'll be a bit uneasy whenever I post something on any of these websites because I know he might be reading them. I know that this sounds over dramatic as well, but before you suggest that I join the Drama club let me explain a bit. 

If this had happened with anyone else that I hadn't wanted to see my blog, I would still be upset. But to be quite frank, my sister's fiance is one of the very last people I would ever want to see my blog, watch my videos - whatever. I've known him almost all my life. He's been my brother's best friend for forever, and he used to be one of my best friends when were little, too. He's invaded my privacy since I was little (stealing and reading my journals out loud, writing in them, making fun of me for what I'd written), and I'd always let it go because he was one of my favorite people. But as we've grown up, we've also grown apart. Now we have some very opposing ideas of life- religion, tastes, general opinions, etc. and I'm just not very comfortable with or fond of him anymore. I honestly just don't want him knowing much of anything about my life.

I haven't told him any of this because I really hate hurting people, especially on purpose. But after having a mini breakdown on the phone with Josh last night, he sugested and I agreed that I really need to stand up for myself, whether he reads this or not. And he didn't just stumble upon it or get the address from my sister, because she doesn't have it and it's not posted anywhere he would have ready access to it. He had to have actively searched for it. I deleted him from my facebook specifically because I wanted my privacy, and him invading it is just not ok with me. This is my special place. I know that's the problem with the internet...that anyone can find what you post. But still.

I asked them both to not go on any of my sites, and I hope they have enough respect for me to not. I'm also going to continue posting as usual, I've decided. Like I said, this is my place and I won't let it go for something like this. I may delete this post later, but I had to get this out. 

Now I'm going to go join drama.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer 2011 Camping Trip

A very happy Friday to you all!

Well. I started school on Monday, and so far it's been very nice! I like all of my classes, my teachers are all really great (so far), and I just have a pretty good feeling about this year in general. It's also been very nice to see all the familiar faces again after a few months of seeing just a few people. But this morning, one of my best friends, Dylan (the one who wears a suit every day...if anyone remembers this post) and I were eating some doritos in our math class, and it just made wish so badly for summer again. I realize that that probably sounds a little weird, but they were one of our main snacks on the camping trip we went on with Josh, his family, and a few of their/our friends the week before we went back to school.

It was an amazing trip. First of all, it was the longest period of time that I've ever been away from my parents for a good reason (in other words, no hospitals or sicknesses were involved). I love my family, but I just have a hard time with them sometimes. So some space was definitely nice. Second, I love everyone who went very much. Third, they're all hilarious. Fourth, it was absolutely beautiful. We were near one lake with picturesque mountains in the background, and on the way back home we stopped at another lake with turquoise-y blue water and cliffs to jump off. Our trip had the perfect ratio of forest to mountains to water to fields, too. It was just on of those things that I'll never forget. 

But anyway, here are a few (well...quite a few) of my favorite photos from the trip, including my first double exposures! All but the last 3 were taken with my Minolta Maxuum 7000.

Warning: If you are afraid of pictures, you may not want to proceed. There are a lot.

There were so many games of chess.

Josh's amazing, beautiful mother- Astrid.

This photo sums up about 60-75% of the trip: lake, chess, motorcycles, and Dylan being silly.

This is the second lake we went to. The cliffs you can jump off of range from a few inches to about 30 feet. Josh and Erik both jumped off the very top. I'm not nearly brave enough for that. I did jump from an 8-10 foot high place though, which I think is pretty brave considering the fact that I'm afraid of heights AND can't swim! Granted, I did have an inter tube and Josh (a certified lifeguard) was waiting for me in the water, but STILL!

Dylan, Erik and Josh.

Water that looks like this doesn't look like it belongs in New Mexico, but it's beautiful. 

Top: Me, Josh, Dylan, Erik, Sue
Bottom: Kate, Nina, David, Ollie, Astrid

This is one of those things that I would never have given up for anything. I just hate that it's over. But we're hoping to go camping again soon...maybe Labor Day weekend. I want to so badly!

Did you all go camping this summer?