Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Today is tomorrow. It happened!"

(First off, the title of this post is a quote from the movie Groundhog Day. We just finished watching it in my Philosophy in Film class, and I really recommend it! It does get a bit tedious and cheesy at times, but overall it's a pretty good movie. Very thought provoking...it'll definitely make you feel something.)

It's always interesting to see the way things change from one day to the next.

Sometimes they really don't seem to at all, and others just leave you with that "Woah, man." sort of feeling. These photos were taken yesterday, and nothing is physically any different (not really anyway) but I'm feeling so much better. It's funny how much better a good fight followed by a nice kick in the ass can make a person feel.  

I got these amazing pixie boots through a trade with another etsy seller (visit her here ...she's got some amazing things!). She was super sweet, and they're exactly what I'd been looking for for an extremely long time! I think they look like Anya's (or Anastasia's...whatever) shoes from the animated movie Anastasia, and I love them all the more for it! 

These are the first outfit photos that I've been able to take of myself in a long time, and I really missed it. I lost my tripod somewhere and it's been missing for a few weeks now, so I finally just decided to buy a new one. I figure that if my old one ever turns up, it'll always be nice to have a back up! But I took a little extra time with these photos, and I think they may be some of my favorites! In case you're wondering (you probably weren't, but I'll tell you anyway) the pictures in this post are probably my very favorite.

Striped Dress - Max Rave ($16), Green Cardigan - Thrifted ($4), Brown Pixie Boots - MadisonCreekVintage , Belt - Thrifted ($.50), Silver Locket - Birthday gift from Josh :)

Also relating to the change from one day to the next thing...

Yesterday I was getting all up in this bee's face to take the above picture, and today I got stung for the first time in my life. Twice, too. Once in each leg. Smart wasp, huh?

Oh, the irony.

My first attempt at a levitation shot.

Have an excellent day/night, everyone!



  1. beautiful hair cut girl!


  2. the dress, the boots, the hair! You're just perfect! Are you really from New Mexico?! That's super awesome! You're probably the closest blogger I have because everyone lives millions of miles away :P!