Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sunshine Daisy

I thrifted this dress and hat a week or two ago and I love them to pieces! I've been wanting a sunflower dress really badly ever since I sold this one that was a bit too big for me last year. The bathroom in my grandparent's house has always been decorated with a sunflower theme, and (though I know this probably sounds really weird) I've had some really good memories in there. And this dress reminds me of those memories and just kind of makes me happy in general. AND I got my first piece from Jewelmint at around the same time as well! I've wanted a poison ring for years, and I had a coupon code to get this one for $8.99 when it would usually be $30, so I was pretty psyched.

So I'm already slacking on my "blog several times a week" goal, but I think it's justified by the fact that 1) I lost a very dear friend a week ago yesterday and 2) I've actually been working hard in school. Mostly in my Junior and Sophomore years, but really all through high school, I've gotten some pretty cringe-worthy grades. It's not that I wasn't able to do the work, but I always either let other things get in the way or procrastinated like nobody's business to the point where it was less procrastination and more just not handing my work in until grades were about to come out and I was having a breakdown in front of my teacher trying to figure out how to pass the class. It was terrible. But this year I've gotten all As and Bs (with the exception of a high C in my AP Lit. class) so far, and I'm really proud of myself. I've been getting all of my homework done on time, and I just feel so relieved not to be in that terrible rut anymore. I feel like I can breathe.

I am, however, still struggling to be happy with the outfit pictures I take. I've realized lately that I'm just not very good at self portraits. But I intend to work on that (and yes, that's on my list of goals). If anyone has any tips, I would appreciate them so, so, so much!

It's almost the weekend!!! I am so ready.

Outfit Details:
Dress - Thrifted ($5)
Sweater - Coat Closet
Bowler Hat - Thrifted ($5)
Wedges - Payless
Belt - Stolen from another dress.


  1. Sunflower dresses are probably my favorite floral dress print! I love the 90s vibe they have to them. And the purple hat is so adorable with it!
    Loving the last photo with the dead plants too.

  2. i looove your wedges!:)
    kisses from prague and have anice day;)

  3. I love that sunflower dress! <3
    I'm in AP lit, too! I have 3 other AP classes on top of it unfortunately. Not sure what I was thinking...

  4. your outfits are always so adorable! i don't have a camera with a remote yet, but i've heard that's a great way to do photo shoots when you can't convince anyone to help you. and actually some of my fav. self portraits were done using a mirror (as lame as that sounds, lol) anyways, great post!


  5. Love your blog!! I'm your newest follower. :)


  6. Very cute :) I love that hat!

    I tagged you in the versatile blog award in my latest post :)

  7. Hey guess what? You're blog must be really versatile...because I nominated it for the versatile blog award! Go check out the post :0)

  8. Oh no! I am sure I commented an age ago- nevermind, I just wanted to say how incredibly lovely your dress is and, like the girls above, that I tagged you for the blog award. Continue being amazing- Love Alexandra

  9. I just found your blog through your youtube! Love it. Your style is very inspirational. Can't wait to browse through more of your videos and posts.


  10. Nice hat!

  11. You are absolutely stunning! The sunflower dress is gorgeous and a bargain too!!

    Love your blog! Im now following :) xxx

  12. Awesome thrift store finds...that turquoise poison ring is GORGEOUS. Love your blog!

  13. Cute blog, and lovely rings :)

    visit my blog

    xo // Monika

  14. I think all your outfit pictures are awesome. I love this dress, it's so adorable how it's longer in the back. I have a nudish-pink skirt like that, but i just don't know how to wear it so i don't too often but i think you make it look just fine! p.s. i love this ring. kimdone :)

  15. Eep! I'm a bit late on commenting on this, sorry! I've been the worst at commenting makes me feel bad.

    I LOVE the last photo! It's so artistic and beautiful. And I think all your outfit pictures are gorgeous! :D ♥

    I'm so proud of you and how you changed your grades and academic life just by changing your attitude! You're amazing. :)

    Maria Elyse

  16. i love this dress! did you custom make the hem? that ring is really unique. i'm honestly truly sorry to hear about your friend. i wish you the best. i came across your blog from your youtube channel, you have great style

  17. I love love love this:) you are a beautiful person Victoria and also an inspiration to me! Im curious, how tall are you?