Sunday, July 14, 2013

Echo Amphitheater

Outfit Details:
Cardigan - Coat Closet
Grey Tshirt - Savers (Originally from GAP)
Black Skirt - Family Dollar
Brown Purse - Thrift Town
Black Lace Up Boots - Local Thrift 

So surprise surprise, I have yet another super belated post to share! These photos were taken on my birthday which was oh, you know, about two months ago. My timeliness has obviously not improved at all with the start of summer.

Josh and I had set off at around six this morning to go on a little birthday adventure, so I didn't wear anything particularly special - just something easy and comfortable, which is exactly what the day called for. Our first stop (and the only one I got any pictures of) was Echo Amphitheater. It was so much bigger in person than it looks in pictures, but the name is apt and Josh took advantage of it by humming the Game of Thrones theme song and singing Happy Birthday to me when I went to grab my tripod from the car. I have a little video clip of it (which is ADORABLE), but I might meet with some Game of Thrones style justice if I put it on the internet and Josh found out.

Oh! I'm not sure how well you can tell, but right before the 6th picture was taken a HUGE chunk of rock from the ceiling of the amphitheater fell and scared the living shit (please excuse the language) out of me. The sound it made was SO loud and you can still see a bit of the dust it kicked up in that picture. 

Nature is nuts.

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  1. Oh my gosh those last two pictures... THOSE LAST TWO PICTURES. Frame them immediately, those are absolute keepers; you two are adorable!! I always get a little giddy when I see a post from you Victoria so no worries about using photos from forever ago I'm just glad you put them up period haha! :)