Friday, July 1, 2011

fire and rain

My state is literally on fire. New ones are popping up almost every day, sometimes several a day. As of right now, New Mexico is the driest it's been in something like 116 years and it is the driest state in the country. The biggest fire in the state's history is burning and still growing about an hour and a half away from where I live. So far there haven't been any fires nearer to us than that- I'm lucky enough to live in one of the greenest places in my state- but it's still scary. The pictures above are of the fires we saw on our way home from seeing my Grandma. My dad and I saw three fires in seven hours- two of which had just started. I'm getting too used to bloody sunsets and smoke filled skies.

Yesterday and the day before it rained. I guess it didn't even really rain. It sprinkled a bit. But  at this point, we need anything we can get. And it could be a sign that the monsoon season isn't too far away. Either way, it was beautiful while it lasted.

These songs really fit the way I've been feeling.

Peter Pan collared shirt- Thrifted ($.50), floral shorts- Target ($16)


  1. Oh, how awful!! I remember how scared I was when me and Wendy spotted smoke, but to be constantly seeing huge fires all over? It must be really disturbing and scary. Praying for rain! ♥

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  2. These photos are so facinating, but awfully scary at the same time! I can't imagine what it's like being up close to the fires in real life... :( I'll be thinking about all of you in New Mexico and hoping for rain and for the fires to stop!

    Take care... <3

  3. That is so scary! It's unbelievable and humbling what nature can do. I hope you guys get all the rain you need soon!

  4. oh my GOODNESS! I love hydrangeas !!!! Love that photo to death. Also, I saw Maria's post about your package. VERY sweet!! Oh my goodness! So special and thoughtful. You are wonderful!

    love, polly :)

  5. I can only imagine how crazy hot it is in New Mexico, those fires are insane! And sad, though it will be good for trees and foliage years later as the soil will be new and refreshed.

    Thanks for the sweet comments, feel free to email me anytime. I also am in love with your shop and photography :)

    ataxiadnama AT yahoo DOT com

  6. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I'm glad to hear that you get to experiment with your style early on! That's great!

    These photos are so scary yet amazing! And I love your little shorts!

  7. These are some amazing shots !! Hopefully you can get more rain coming in!! :)

  8. oh my god, that is really sad. the photos do look cool, though. and... i feel like i always say this, but you take the best photos haha

  9. as awful as it sounds to see so many fires and live so close to the "biggest fire in the state's history" your photos came out amazing.

    i like the play with a light and shadows. did you take all of them yourself?

  10. Hope you guys had some rain since this! Beautiful photos though!

  11. amazing pics i like them so much keep up the gd work