Friday, July 1, 2011

Take Two

This handsome guy is my boyfriend. His name is Josh. I know I mention him all the time, but there aren't many pictures of him up here. So here he is :) But, we took these day before yesterday because I stumbled across a contest that Thrift Town was having for anyone who wore secondhand clothing to prom. Both Josh and I did, but there really weren't any good pictures from the actual prom (they were almost all a little scary, actually) so we pulled out our fancy duds again and did a quick little photo shoot. Josh couldn't find his dress pants, so he's just wearing jeans, but it's the jacket that matters anyway! I talked about my dress and his jacket here, if you're interested.

We sent off our entries today (the last day of the contest...we're both terrible about doing things at the last minute), so hopefully it goes well! First prize is a new ipad and a $100 gift certificate to Thrift Town, Second is a new ipod touch and a $100 gift certificate, and third is a digital camera and a $100 gift certificate, and man would I love any of those! So cross your fingers for us! If either of us won, we'll find out by the end of August.

Photos of just me are by Josh. I took the rest.

(P.S.- Isn't Josh adorable? :) )


  1. Oh my goodness, I am in love with your prom dress! Especially the back and the colour. Your boy is looking very snazzy in the vintage armani jacket. You two must have been the best looking couple at prom!

  2. My heart is positively melting right now! You two look absolutely spectacular in your prom wear, but what's making my heart ache is how easy it is to see how much in love you guys are.

    I found your blog through Maria Elyse and I just can't stop reading your posts. Adding you to my blog roll at this very moment!

    (Oh, and Victoria, you name suits you so well. You really look like a stunning beauty from the Victorian era.)