Monday, May 2, 2011


So I literally did not take any pictures of prom at all (I took a few before). Failure on my part. So all I have to show is some pictures snapped after dark by friends' parents in which I,not gonna lie, look pretty bad. But you can get the gist of things from them I hope :) It actually ended up being really fun, and I actually danced quite a bit! 

Not the greatest picture, but I've just got to say that all my friends are extremely attractive.

So I'm hoping that someone caught me off guard and got a better picture of me, because if I know that someone's taking one, I get completely awkward and nervous and it just doesn't work. But we'll see if anything pops up on facebook in the next few days.

Poor awkward Josh :/ (a few of us weren't ready yet)

See Yoma there in the red striped tie? Maya and I (Maya is the beautiful girl in the black dress next to the girl in the floral dress) dressed him and I think we did a pretty good job. His jacket is Yves St. Laurent and we found it for $18 dollars at a consignment shop a couple of weeks ago. Not quite as epic as $5, but still pretty cool!

I went with my friend to his prom last year. My mom and I made this dress. We were working on it up to about an hour before I had to leave. Yikes!

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