Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday in the Park/ Mother's Day 2011

Warning: this post may be a bit long.

I spent my Saturday morning reading at a park near my house while my mama and sis walked and ran (respectively) on the track. It was another gorgeous day. Later I went to go see Thor with Josh and his dad. I liked it, but I thought it could've been a bit better. Also, as Josh pointed out, it was filmed and set in New Mexico, but there was not a single hispanic person in the movie. Pretty unrealistic. Ah, I'm just being nitpicky. It's those little things that get ya sometimes though.
They've been getting rid of so many books at my school's library lately. I was lucky enough to find this one, Beautiful, huh? :)

Bag- Thrift Store ($4?)
Shoes- Thrift Store/Vintage Shop ($4)

I felt a little bad because for a long time now, my sister and I have made the week leading up to mother's day, mother's week, but this year only she did that. I took over for Sunday, though. I made quiche, chicken pesto paninis, cheddar broccoli soup, strawberry lemonade and lavender lemonade. So there was quite a bit of cooking and present wrapping to be done. We also got to talk to my brother who we haven't seen for about a year...he's on a mission for his church. I think that was definitely my mom's favorite present of all :)

I juiced SO many lemons yesterday! Agh.

There's a necklace inside this egg. I'm considering doing a how-to post for this fun method of wrapping. If you're interested let me know!

I helped my papa pick out a Bed and Breakfast to take my mom to for their anniversary. We finally chose Victoria's Keep in Manitou Springs.  It's right next to the Miramont Castle (which is really more of a mansion than a castle), which is pretty awesome and she's always wanted to stay there, so I think we did pretty good :)
Even though they won't read this, I'd just like to say happy late mother's day to my Mom:

I'm the little one :)
My lovely Mama and sister

And my Grandma Esther and Grandma Genevieve (unfortunately I don't have any pictures of Grandma Gen. on my computer)

Grandma and Grandpa in their younger days. The 40s I believe. Doesn't that dress look beautiful?

Grandma Esther sometime in the 90s probably. She passed away last year and I miss her very much, but this is one of my favorite pictures of us. Again, I'm the little one. The other two are my siblings.


  1. those are some lovely photos!! the one of your grandparents, very heart warming, i have a similar one of my grandparents :) and i just started collecting "vintage"esque novels! :)check out my blog for some more +vibes and happiness :) XOX

  2. Looks like you had a fun Mother's Day! :) All that food looks so yummy, and your present wrapping skills are incredible. :) Teach me? :)

    I. Love. Your. Shoes. To. Death. The End.

    Maria Elyse

  3. i love your purse!!! and that is some beautiful gift wrapping for sure. i officially want fruit - and to look at some of my family's old photos (:

  4. These photos make me so happy!

  5. You have a truly wonderful eye for photography, and I'm definitely going to try the egg wrapping ordeal. A very sneakily great idea!