Friday, May 13, 2011

An "Egg-cellent" Gift Wrapping Tutorial.

I tried to post this yesterday, but Blogger was down all day. Did this happen to anyone else? Anyway, this is a tutorial that I mentioned in my last post for wrapping small gifts using eggs. I found this around Christmastime through google, but I've lost the link so I'll have to do my best to show you myself. Also, please excuse the horrific title of this post- I had no choice.

You'll need:
A small gift.
Something to put around the item so it doesn't move around too much. (I used this little sack, but cotton, fabric, or just about anything else would work.)
An egg big enough to fit your gift.
A serrated table knife.
Clear nail polish.
Nail polish in the color of your choice or paint.
Paper towel or newspaper.

Optional- Hair dryer, liquid gold leaf, small paintbrush, double sided tape.

1. Use the knife to saw a small crack into the egg, then very carefully extend the crack using both hands. Discard (or save) the contents and gently wash the inside of the egg using dish soap and allow to dry.

2. Wrap your gift in whatever material you chose and place in one of the halves of the shell.

3. Put the clear nail polish all along the edge of the other half of the shell, then fit the two halves back together. Brush more clear polish over the crack. Let dry.

4. Once dry, begin painting the egg, holding on top and bottom to ensure that the two halves stay together. Allow to dry between coats (or if you're impatient like me, use a hairdryer,preferably on a cool setting, to help the process along).

You might need to let the egg dry for quite a while before you paint the places where you've been holding the egg to avoid getting your fingerprints in the paint.

5. You can leave the egg a solid color, but I chose to take it just a little further and paint designs over the nail polish with liquid gold leaf (I got mine at Wal-Mart, but I'm sure it would be available at most craft stores).

6. Last, tie a bow around the egg to hide the hole made from sawing and you're done! (It's helpful to put a couple of pieces of double stick tape on the egg so the ribbon doesn't slide.)

7. Listen to the polite "thank you's" and watch the confusion on the recipient's face when they see that you've given them an "egg" as a present.

8. Tell them to break it, then bask in the compliments about your clever wrapping.

9. Break out the false modesty :P

I would love to see your results if anyone tries this! 
Send any pictures to me at


  1. Wow, thanks! I'm quite sure that I am going to Taos, I may even stay there for a couple of nights. I'll make sure to go out to eat and visit those places in Santa Fe! Thank you for the tips. And lovely photos from the ranch!

  2. Ahh, that's such a cute idea :D

  3. Such a fabulous idea and so, so pretty. I would love to try this! And it looks easy which is perfect for a non crafter like me. And yup, blogger sure was down! I lost a lot of my comments, although they are trying to restore them. It looks like the system crashed after they did a system upgrade. Boo. Hope you're having a lovely Sunday. xx veronika

  4. Such a gorgeous idea. I'll have to try sooN!

  5. Ohmyword! That is SO clever and darn adorable! I'll pretty much *have* to try that sometime really soon. :) Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

    Thanks for following my blog shop and for all your comments on my regular blog! You're amazing. :)

    Maria Elyse

  6. Wowzers, this is just wild! I'm super impressed. I would love to receive this magical little parcel!! Thanks for sharing! OXO Natalie

  7. That is such an amazing idea!!!!