Friday, May 6, 2011

 Today was beautifully bright and sunny- one of those days when you can feel that Summer is waiting for you just around the corner. With the weather (in the mid 70's) and just sitting and reading (Doctor Zhivago) and spending time with Josh, my day was very peaceful. And you know, everything always feels about a million times better when I have music and a book to read.

The white dog id my family's other dog, Sadie. She was a shelter dog and it's amazing to see how much she's changed since we first got her. She is the sweetest, most obedient girl and we love her to death.

I love dark, stormy weather more than anything, but sometimes some sun is just what I need. Things are getting so beautiful. These were taken this afternoon on our way to go feed my horse, Littles. The process included my dad (with my help) accidentally ripping a gate out of the ground with his tractor. Haha, whoops!

Outfit Details:
Black Felt Hat- Used to belong to my Grandma
Top- Some store in the mall, can't quite remember which
High Waisted Denim Cut-Offs- Thrift Store ($1.25)
Brown Leather Belt- Thrift Store ($1?)
Socks- Walmart
Black Suede Pumps- UO (they were my prom shoes)

...and a few sillies :)

All pictures of me by Josh. Thanks for putting up with my "retard faces" :)

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  1. these photos are amazing, i love the last one. Your shorts are perfection, finds like that are the greatest