Saturday, September 3, 2011


Striped Top: Ross ($6), Jeans: Bealls ($20), Tan Jacket: I can't quite remember, Oxfords: Thrifted ($2.75!), Necklace: Locket from Josh put with a necklace inherited from my grandma.

Hey guys :)

It's finally the weekend again! And a long weekend, too! I thought it would never come.

The above pictures are of what I wore a few days ago (Thursday, I think) taken in my brother's room. He's been on a mission for his church for two years now, and he's coming home toward the end of this month! I've always been the closest to him out of my family, so I'm really excited for him to be back home...but I'm also a little scared. So much has changed since he's been gone. The foremost of which being that I've left the religion I was raised in, which is the religion he's spent the past two years of his life trying to convert people to (more on this some other day). And I'm just afraid that we won't be able to be as close as we were. You know?

Anyway. I'll probably be back with another post later today or sometime tomorrow, so I'll talk to you guys soon!



  1. Lovely lovely outfit!

    I think I understand your concerns about you brother and your relationship. I left the religion I was brought up in and I am always a little worried that my friends/family are either angry at me or feel sorry for me (I don't want either). I always try to focus on the beliefs that we do have in common. I think that it is okay to disagree just so long as there is respect, you know? Anyway, we all love each other and that is what matters. :)