Monday, October 17, 2011


Outfit Details:
Burnt Orange Blazer - Thrifted ($1), Scarf - Ross, years ago ($6?), Jeans - Ross ($15), Riding Boots - Thrifted ($7), Necklaces - Inherited from my Grandmother and Mother 

A few weekends ago Josh, a couple of our friends and I drove 45 minutes to the next town to go thrifting. I had been seeing quite a few thrift stores when my family and I would drive through, but had never stopped, so I really wanted to check them out. We weren't too sure what to expect given that this town is...well, pretty ghetto (per capita, it's the black heroin capital of the world). But long story short, it ended up being amazing. At the first store we went to, I got a huge pile of clothes and two pairs of shoes for about $13 - this blazer included. I love the color and fit, I discovered that it's 100% silk, and it  cost me a whopping $1! I'll be shooting the Fall lookbook for my shop sometime this week, so you'll be seeing some of the other things I got soon.

I'm not Catholic, but I really love wearing this cross. You can't really tell in these pictures, but it's got tiny purple stones on it. A friend of my Mom's sent it to her for her birthday last month, but as her religion doesn't exactly condone the wearing of crosses, she said I could have it. 

I am a lucky duck.


  1. thrift stores are adorable places where you find amazing little treasures and great garments!!!love them!nice pics.really like ur blazer and jewellery.

  2. those are some great deals :) I like your jacket! It's such a pretty color.

  3. Very cute! The color of this blazer is perfect for you (and this season!).

    Nice to see you made it out of the ghetto and into beautiful nature in one piece!

    Virginie ♥

  4. What a lovely jacket! You look so chic! xoxoxoo

  5. whoa! seriously that is the best thrifted blazer ever!!
    looks awesome on you! love this outfit!!

  6. I am so jealous of your finds! Simply amazing.

  7. Wow, now that is a deal. Great outfit. Love the bling.