Friday, October 14, 2011

This dusty old world spinning 'round and 'round

Outfit Details:

Striped sweater - Ross ($8), Semi-sheer pleated mini skirt - Thrifted ($2?), Brown Fedora - Target ($15), Belt - Thrifted ($.75), Pixie boots - Traded on Etsy 

We've been having such beautiful weather lately. Though I'm more of a cloud than sun sort of person (I'm hoping to go to college in Oregon or Washington), I've been enjoying the clear skies. Shining mornings and warmly lit sunsets. It's the kind of weather that makes for perfect backdrops for memories, and one of the things that will make me miss home when I'm gone. 

My dad just cut the hay in out fields. It's kind of pretty isn't it? I had planned on taking pictures in the long grass before it got cut, but I was just a little too late. But I know I'll have other chances.

I've been having a bit of a hard time lately. Which is strange, because I've also been doing really well. I've been extremely lonely, nervous about college, and just feeling pretty stressed in general - I'm just not quite what I'd like to be. But on the other hand, I feel good about how much harder I've been trying with almost everything in my life. I like being involved in more things...especially since I don't just feel like I'm sitting at home all day anymore. I just wish I felt like it was making more of a difference.

I wish everyone who sees this a wonderful start to the weekend! Knock yourselves out :)



  1. I swear, you always have the most lovely photos, and you always look so charming. It's envy worthy.

    About the worries you've been having, it'll get better. It's all about the process of growing up and going to college, and it definitely gets better. Also, don't worry about WHAT you're going to be. I'm twenty, almost in my third year of college, and I still feel like I change it constantly. It's apart of the journey. Enjoy it, and don't let it worry you.

    And to your loneliness, everyone has some. Even those surrounded by people, or like me who are in a relationship, loneliness is unavoidable. You just have to remember that it will go away to. Everything will get better. This may sound strange, but if you ever need a strange to talk to who won't judge and will listen, I'm always a email away. I always find strangers sometimes help the most. It will get better.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too!

    Laura Shane

  2. Beautiful, enchanting photos :)

    So sorry things are difficult for you right now. Loneliness makes an awful friend :P

  3. I like your style and hair!