Saturday, November 12, 2011

Little Bird Blue: Late Fall 2011 (Part 1)

So after much waiting, rescheduling, and rescheduling again, Part 1 of the late Fall lookbook for the shop is finally here. 

I hope you enjoy it!

8. Faux Fur Trimmed Cape (Coming Soon)


  1. Holy. cow. I can't stop looking at these gorgeous photos...I love every single one and the composition is so beautiful. The sun spots, the warm colors...and obviously the clothes! You've outdone yourself, Vic. These are so wonderful... ♥

    I really love that faux fur trimmed cape! It's so perfect for winter! :)

    Maria Elyse

  2. These photos are gorgeous! Great job! I love the high waisted trousers, suspenders, and tie. They're all so beautiful :)

  3. These photos are wonderful. The styling is great too. I must resist the tweed jacket, it's oh so tempting.