Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thrift Favorites: Edition 2

Welcome to the second edition of Thrift Favorites!

So, I doubt anyone even remembers this feature. I posted the first and only edition back in June (I think), and have been a terrible slacker with it ever since. I do, however, plan to get my rear in hopefully I'll get one of these up at least once a month. I suppose I should probably re-introduce this feature now. Thrift Favorites is a feature in which I ask several bloggers to share one of their favorite thrifted finds. I think it's a great way to not only see some awesome finds, but to find new blogs and meet new people as well!

You can find the first edition here.

Once again, I was lucky enough to have some amazing ladies agree to participate! Say hello to Lauren, Polly, and Ruth.


The first beautiful girl in the spotlight is Lauren of Someone Like You. I've been following Lauren's blog for a while now, and she has never failed to provide me with inspiration. She has a wonderful knack for flawlessly mixing vintage and thrifted pieces with those that are more modern, and the writing on her blog is always heartfelt. These two things alone make it more than worth checking her out, and that's not even taking into account her extremely sweet personality. So finish reading this post, then go, go, go!

"For your thrifting feature I chose my very favorite and best thrift find of all time.... My vintage 1950's Emma Domb prom dress. Emma Domb created prom dresses during the 50's and 60's in California and I was lucky enough to find one at my local thrift store last fall. Her one-of-a-kind dresses go for hundreds, sometimes even a thousand dollars and I was so, so incredibly blessed by the thrifting Gods to steal it for only $8! The dress is in near perfect condition... It has a full circle skirt with crinoline underneath to give it the classic 1950's shape. The bodice is sewn with beautiful and intricate swirls of sequins and the rich teal color is just perfection! When I first thrifted the dress it was a tad bit big, but with a little nipping and tucking from a family friend it was absolutely perfect :) It was seriously my dream prom dress and I got to wear it to my junior high school prom with my boyfriend of four years Matt last spring!"


Next up is Miss Polly Bland of The Littlest Polly! This lady has the guts to do and wear things that few people have, and I really hope that someday I'll be brave enough to mix colors and patterns as fearlessly as she does. And if her personal style alone wasn't enough, she's also a crazy talented costume designer AND makes amazingly cool bowties that she sells in her etsy shop (alongside some beautiful vintage). I know you'll love her, so if you're not already familiar with her blog and shop, make sure you take the time to be so!

"1. This plaid red and white picnic skirt is one of my very most favorite thrift finds from Salvation Army! It was only 3 dollars and I am enamored with it! I love the way it flies up when I twirl... and the fact that it's so vintage, handmade, and girly!"

"2. This vintage vanity fair pastel nightgown! It was around 3 dollars as well at Salvation Army and just amazing colors! Instant favorite!" 

"3. This cute little vintage floral dress with a lace collar. It's pleated and has the cutest colors when you get up close to it. I love the way it looks with the vintage hot pink wool hat that my mother handed down to me :)"


The third and final blogger for this post is Ruth May of Magic Beans. I was so excited when I discovered her blog. She has the most amazing talent for photography, and the fact that the majority (if not all, I'm not entirely sure) of it is film definitely boosts my respect for her. She's so beautiful, has amazing, unique style, and she runs a really fantastic etsy shop as well! I can't believe that more people don't know about her...she really is extremely talented. You will LOVE her! 

(And I really can't explain how jealous I am of her have no idea.)

"I would say that 95% of everything I own is thrifted or second-hand. It was impossible to choose a favourite, so I just chose a recent purchase: this 1940's hat was only $5 and in perfect condition! *SWOON*!"


Thank you three again for participating, and I'm sorry I was so incredibly late getting this up. You're all wonderful. :)

And I hope you all enjoyed this edition! If anyone has a thrift find that you would like to share, let me know, and I'd love to feature you in the next edition! Just send me an email at

I hope everyone is doing well!



  1. Oh, I'm in love with your blue dress! You look like a fairy:D

  2. Great pictures! I am now in love with Ruth's blog. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I am IN LOVE with this feature. I may have to join next time around. All of these ladies are so lovely. I already am a follower and lover of Polly, and I'm excited to follow the other two ladies. Geeze, the more I'm in this wonderful community the deeper in love I am.

    I also vote that next time you include your lovely self! At least one item. I'd be nice to see you in it, too!

    Let me know next time you're planning one!

  4. I can't believe she thrifted such a gorgeous prom dress. That's basically my dream. MY golly it's gorgeous. All of these girls are so stylish! I love the pastel night gown. This is a cool feature. I've got to check out all of these blogs and I can't wait for next month's.

  5. This is a lovely post! I love seeing other people's bargains! I'd love to share a thrifted bargain at some point!