Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back to the salt mines.

I'm home!
Thank you for all your nice comments while I was away. I was super excited and happy to see them :)

Our trip was pretty nice! We went to a huge, state fair-y feeling flea market in Denver (that was part extremely awesome and part slight let down), Garden of the Gods (which was amazing as always), saw Red Riding Hood (which was a little....strange for lack of a better word), and did generally touristy things in Manitou Springs. All the pictures I took were film, so when I get them developed I'll share them. I just couldn't get myself to use my digital camera for some reason.

School starts again tomorrow, and the night before is always the worst so I'm avoiding going to bed. Which is probably pretty stupid. BUT in order to take up some more time and because I already miss spring break, here are some pictures from a little trip a few of my friends and I took to an old mine/cave earlier this week.

This is the stone they mined. It's usually a chalky white, but turns bright purple when it gets wet,

This cave was amazing. I wish I could have gotten better pictures of it.

Classic New Mexican beauty.

Summer needs to hurry here, I need more things like this soon.

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