Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I live on a small ranch in a small town. This land has been in my family for generations, and I feel more at home there than I ever have anywhere else- even in my house. I know that there are a lot of pictures here, but I just wanted to try to convey the way I feel about this place. These pictures don't do it justice.

I also took some outfit pictures in two of my favorite places on the ranch.

These are the converse I talked about yesterday :)

Sorry for the picture overload!

Outfit Details:
Floral Dress- Thrift Store ($3)
Maroon Cardigan- Thrift Store ($7)- My sister's
Lacey Slip- Grandma's
Converse- Thrift Store ($3)
Hat- Savers ($6)
Roadrunner Pin- Grandma
Belt- Stolen from a pair of shorts I have
Necklace- Josh :)

Have a nice night!
(All pictures but the one of the hawk are by me.  Josh took the other one.)


  1. those pictures are AMAZING. i can't believe that's where you're from! so beautiful. oh yeah, and nice job getting so many hypes on lookbook with this outfit (:

  2. Wow is this really New Mexico? You must live in a beautiful part like Taos or something. Maybe I'm just looking to hard for the beauty in this place, and not the simplicity right in front of my eye's.