Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines

Hello :)
Well, today was finally the last day of school before we got out for spring break! I hope to spend this next week doing nice things with my friends, finishing up my room redo (a post about this to come fairly soon), updating my shop, and maybe going to Denver for a few days.

This outfit was extremely last minute, which is strange considering that I had a ton of outfits already made from playing dress up in the clothes I got at my favorite thrift store yesterday. Almost everything was half off and what wasn't was 25% off, so needless to say I went a little wild. This shirt is one of the things I got. It was so cold and windy while I was taking these, but cloudy days are my absolute favorite, so I wasn't too upset about it.

This ring was my Valentine's Day present from Josh, and I got the matching necklace for him. They're both a really nice size and have a lot of detail. I would recommend either of them! I love this ring so much.

Outfit Details:
Tan shirt (it's actually kind of yellow in person)- Thrift Store ($.50)
Jeans- Bealls ($20?)
Very well loved boots- Thrift Store ($16)
Black felt hat with lace bow- Used to belong to my Grandma
Crochet tote bag- For sale here.
Bird skull ring- Josh :)

Happy Friday!!


  1. Oh my god. That scenery & you in general are so beautiful . What are you planning to do in denver if you go? I went along one time on my dad's business trip. I wasn't around for long but it was all stunning. x hivennn

  2. p.s i'd love to see more of your items :)

  3. What beautiful scenery! And that hat is adorable! Enjoy your spring break :)