Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Colorado Springs Day Two

I know that I got back quite a while ago, but here are some more pictures from my family's little trip to Colorado Springs. Well, Manitou Springs technically. But these were all taken on my film camera- that's why I hadn't posted them yet. But I got them developed a couple of days ago, so here they are! I think there's still another roll lying around there might be more to come.

Miramont Castle

I remember coming here when I was little and taking a tour which, of course, ended in a gift shop. While my mom was shopping her heart out, my brother ended up talking to the lady who ran the gift shop about the ghosts she had seen in the house. Of course, he told my sister and I- at which time we proceeded to run as fast as we could to the car. :)  Kids are funny.  

My sister Laureana.

Mom and Pop :)

The Bed and Breakfast my parents stayed in.

Garden of the Gods
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  1. hehe i love the pic of your mom and dad. parents make the best picture subjects