Thursday, June 16, 2011

Colorado Thrift Finds (and my first video!).

Hello! I just wanted to pop in and finally share my thrift finds from Colorado! I had pretty good luck, especially for Goodwill. Maybe it's just where I live, or the one's I've been in, but I've never liked Goodwills much. I usually find them a bit overpriced and they've just never really had a very good feel to me, but the one in Old Colorado City was great! I got everything in this post there except for the purse. :) I talk a bit more about everything in my video (link at the end), so check it out if you'd like!

1. This cream colored dress with lace details ($4)

2. Checked mini dress with floral neckline (for the shop!)

3. Nautical faux-wrap skirt (for the shop, too!)

4. Lace-up leather flats ($3)

5. Studded wedges ($4)

And last, I got this amazing purse at a vintage shop for $19. The detail on it is amazing and it's in such good condition! I love the 3D-ness of the mushrooms...I'm just kind of enamored with this purse in general. :)

A kind of embarrassing thrift haul I made. I've been watching them for a while now, and I felt like it would be fun to share some finds of my own in video form as a little change! I sort of feel a little dumb for making this, but it was actually pretty fun to make despite my nerves, so I think that should be what matters. I also think I sound a little ditzy, but ah well. I'd really love to know what you think!


And here's the link to my channel:


  1. I Like the first dress and the leather shoes :)
    Love kike

  2. That bag is simply AMAZING. Im a bag freak and i would die if i saw that bag!!!

  3. The dresses are amazing! And I'm loving that purse. Great finds!!

  4. GREAT outfit ! Where did you buy your red and white dress ? I didn't hear the name in the video
    thanks !

  5. so many beautiful items :)
    loved them!especially the blue wedges.
    i really like your blog.i am following you now.hope u will follow me back :D

  6. Like you, I've never been a big fan of Goodwill. Especially the one in my town. I always get hit on by crepy old men... And I never even get cute clothes for suffering, either!

    The finds you have though are just gorgeous! Looks like I'm going to have to visit Colorado, heh ;)