Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sufficiently Breathless

The weather has been so strange lately. A trippy sort of strange. I guess it's not even really the weather, anyway. But because of the huge wildfire in Arizona, we've had smoke. A lot of smoke at one point today, I couldn't even see the mountains and everything was hazy. And the sunsets have been...well, you can see for yourself. It looks like I'm going to have to get used to it, too. The last I heard the fire covered something like 390,000 acres and was 0% contained, and it's almost to New Mexico now. A town my parents used to live in has even been evacuated and it's almost to the town I was born in. It scares me to think of how big this thing could get. It's been so dry.

But on to less serious things, I suppose.

Outfit Details:
Flowy Tan (maternity) Cardigan- Target ($7) hehe
Vest/Shirt- Thrifted ($.50)
Shorts- Thrifted ($2)
Headband/Turban(d?)- Thrifted ($.75)
Wooden Mushroom Purse- Vintage (more on this later)
Studded Wedges- Thrifted ($4)

Today was a near perfect lazy Summer day despite all the scaryness of the fire. The purse and shoes were some of my finds from Colorado Springs...well, technically Old Colorado City. I may do a post on all my finds from this weekend soon. 


One of my items was on the front page of Etsy! I was SO excited!!! AHHHH!!! Look, there it is, second row, last picture. :)

I'll just leave you all with these. The sun looked beautiful, but ominous.


  1. I love your outfit! I'm really into wearing headscarves how you're wearing yours here's just so cute and easy for summer!

    I know, the fire is getting me worried too. I have a friend in Arizona for the summer and the fire just barely missed where she's living...and she hasn't seen the sun for days because of the smoke. I'm just praying they can get it under control soon!

    YAAAAAAAAY!!! How exciting! :D You must be so thrilled!! :D

    Maria Elyse

  2. I love your outfit! Especially your headband and your little bag, they're really cool!
    Oh and your pictures of the sun are so pretty, I wish the was sun looked that pretty in England, not that there's ever that much sun here anyway haha!
    Love your blog though, got yourself a follower (:

  3. Excellent job with the outfit, can't believe how inexpensive it all was! Way to go.

    So sorry to hear about these awful fires - I remember driving through the southwest in the summer of 2007 and having forest fires all around us. So so scary, hope it gets contained soon.

    So What If I Like Pretty Things