Monday, April 18, 2011

Churchapalooza: Part 1

So I was hoping to have had my film from this day developed by now, but I don't want to wait any more to do this post. There will be a few more parts to this, but these are from the field trip I went on with my spanish class on Thursday. We went to about a million churches (we were studying religion in New Mexico....and when I say religion, I mean pretty much just Catholicism. So that was a bit weird. But oh well). This particular set was taken at the Santuario de Chimayo- a beautiful church known best for the "holy, healing dirt" that's found there.

Smiling contest. Like a staring contest, but more painful.

On the left is the most adorable little old priest. He came to New Mexico from Spain when he was a young man and has dedicated his life to the care of the Santuario, He's 90 some years old about 4'5" and said things like "gee", "and I was proud", "I love the little ones because I am a little one", "now all the tourists come you!" and "when I came here I was young and handsome, now I'm old. And it makes me mad" a lot. Cutest priest ever.
Ice cream was obviously a big part of the day.

Outfit Details:
Jeans- Bealls ($20?)
Vintage Top- Thrift Store
Hat- Thrift Store ($9)
Black Loafers- Thrift Store ($1)

Photos by me, Josh and Helena (but mostly Helena).

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  1. sounds like an interesting trip! gahh, you always take the best pictures. i would officially like an ice cream cone now! and your outfit. (: