Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Bird Blue Spring/Summer 2011- Part Two

And part two! Most of my posts come in parts lately. Weird. 
Thank you all for your kind comments on part one! It really really means a lot. 
My models for this shoot were Helena, Sophie, and Josh. If you've read many of my posts, you're probably familiar with Helena and Josh (since I mention them all the time), but the lovely dark haired lady is Josh's little sister. These three are the best.
This dress and skirt (and possibly moccasins) should be listed very soon, but I'll let you know when they are. 
Good day to you!

P.S.- The shorts and this shirt from part one are now up in the shop!


  1. part two is awesome. I love the shots in the grass. I'm heading over to check out your shop now

  2. These photos are gorgeous! I want to go wherever this is!

  3. awww, i love all of your pictures (as usual). this looks like such a neat place to go! and everyone is happy and dressed so cool! haha too cool

  4. Beautiful! I love the mood of the photos. I really want to lie down on warm rocks now.