Sunday, April 24, 2011

Memory is a fickle siren song. (Happy Easter!)

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all enjoy your day however you choose to spend it.
It's rainy and windy here, so I guess we'll see if our easter egg hunt works out (yes, I'm 16 and I still have/love easter egg hunts). 

This is my little dog Ollie. Josh found him and his brothers and sister dumped by the side of the road last winter. They were so skinny and scared. He's doing just fine now though...little troublemaker.

This is my sister's and my old playhouse. I remember how ridiculously excited we were when we first go it. Aside from our hand me down Barbie jeep, it is definitely the coolest childhood "toy" we had. Poor thing's in rough shape now, but I don't think I'll ever let my parents get rid of it. 

Helena made this necklace for me for Christmas, Pretty nifty, huh?

Outfit Details:
Southwest Patterned Shirt- Thrift Store ($.50)
Maxi Skirt- Thrift Store ($4?)
White Wool Hat- We've had it in the house forever. It used to have little tail/tie things, but I cut them off.
Black Boots- Thrift Store ($3)
Necklace- Helena
Ring- Was my Grandma's 

Have a great day!


  1. Sweet photos, I dig that necklace a lot!

  2. Wow awesome photos. I love your sweater too!

  3. thanksss! + amazing outfit! :) x

  4. Love these, you're never too old for an easter egg hunt! Happy Easter x

  5. beautiful pictures!! i love your skirt and your top sooo much. so much! your dog, ollie, seems really sweet; it's nice that he's happy now (:

    also, that playhouse is awesome! i can imagine LOVING it as a kid, and now it's a pretty sweet spot for pictures.