Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Feel Summer Creeping In

This is insane. Things have been so busy...and they almost never are for me. We've been being tested out of our minds and there's still more to come. Oh, I'm just too excited! There is some fun stuff coming up though. I've got a photoshoot for the shop planned for Saturday that I've been looking foreword to for quite a while now and I'm going on a field trip with my Spanish class tomorrow! Awesome :) AND the weather has been in the 60s for the majority of the week!

This dress is one of the very first I bought to sell last summer when I was still on ebay. I guess it's pretty obvious that I didn't end up selling it. I just couldn't do it. Weirdly enough though, I think I've only worn it two or three times since then,

These photos were all taken on Monday after/at an art show for a drawing class that quite a few of my friends took.  They're all so talented I can't even handle it sometimes. 

Some of Josh's drawings.

Outfit details:
Vintage Dress- Savers ($7)
Fedora- Icing ($18?)
Bracelet/Ring thing- A little shop in Manitou ($11)

Whoo! The week's more than halfway over now.


  1. aww, you guys all look so happy together! and that's a really great dress, even if you only wear it every once in awhile. weather here has been in the 60s too, and i love it!!

  2. those are amazing drawings! what a pretty little dress...i like the lace on your hat too

  3. I love that dress and the drawings are really pretty :) x