Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let the Madness Begin

Well, prom is tonight. I'm not exactly sure what my feelings about it are...I like the dressing up, but I don't really like dancing (which is kind of the point). Ah well. I guess I'll see how it goes as it goes.

In a little while we'll be picking Helena up so we can get a few last minute things that we need then dye my hair. The last part could be a huge mistake, but I'm only dying the underside of it and the dye isn't permanent, so I think it'll be ok. At least I hope it'll be ok. Then we'll be meeting a bunch of our other friends to get ready together. It'll most likely be at least slightly insane.

Here's a little preview of my dress.

I've actually had it since June or July. I found it in a thrift store in Astoria, Oregon for $7! And what makes that even better is that I had been drooling over almost the exact same dress, but in white, on ebay and it sold for over $100! I was so exited to find this, and it's in perfect condition too.
On another awesome thrifty prom note, I found a suit jacket for Josh at a thrift store earlier this week. First off, it fits him really really well, which is pretty amazing since he's got such a long torso and long arms. Second, it turned out to be Armani! We didn't even realize until after we bought it. Third, it cost $5. Yeah. I feel pretty accomplished :)

I'm sure there will be more about prom soon. 

Wish me luck?

Also, check this out! It's hilarious. Ah, 80's prom.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 28

I love irrigation time. We get beautiful little "lakes" in the fields that attract a ton of different birds. Sometimes we have seagulls. Today we even saw a vulture! It looked so out of place in the green field.

Lovely flowers.

My very awesome, kind of dangerous antler ring.

Well, I had an outfit to post...but I wasn't really happy with any of the pictures. So maybe tomorrow :)
I really mostly just wanted to say thank you for the extremely kind and encouraging comments on my last two posts. I get down on my photography a lot sometimes, but I've realized that I'm only 16 and I can't beat myself up about my work not being as good as other people's who have probably doing it for much longer than I have. I have time to improve. But you all helped boost my confidence a bit too. So thank you very much again. 

I wish the weekend would come faster. There's much too much going on for my liking. Even the weekend won't be terribly relaxed though. Prom is on Saturday! Yikes.

Also, check out these two awesome giveaways! I found them though Laura over at Blorange Dice.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Bird Blue Spring/Summer 2011- Part Two

And part two! Most of my posts come in parts lately. Weird. 
Thank you all for your kind comments on part one! It really really means a lot. 
My models for this shoot were Helena, Sophie, and Josh. If you've read many of my posts, you're probably familiar with Helena and Josh (since I mention them all the time), but the lovely dark haired lady is Josh's little sister. These three are the best.
This dress and skirt (and possibly moccasins) should be listed very soon, but I'll let you know when they are. 
Good day to you!

P.S.- The shorts and this shirt from part one are now up in the shop!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Little Bird Blue Spring/Summer 2011- Part One

I feel a little presumptuous making a look book for my little shop. I feel a little silly even calling it a look book, but there's no denying that that's what I wanted this to be. But I'll go more into detail later. These items should be in the shop no later than Wednesday, so check back if you're interested in anything. 
Hope you Mondays weren't too manic!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Memory is a fickle siren song. (Happy Easter!)

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all enjoy your day however you choose to spend it.
It's rainy and windy here, so I guess we'll see if our easter egg hunt works out (yes, I'm 16 and I still have/love easter egg hunts). 

This is my little dog Ollie. Josh found him and his brothers and sister dumped by the side of the road last winter. They were so skinny and scared. He's doing just fine now though...little troublemaker.

This is my sister's and my old playhouse. I remember how ridiculously excited we were when we first go it. Aside from our hand me down Barbie jeep, it is definitely the coolest childhood "toy" we had. Poor thing's in rough shape now, but I don't think I'll ever let my parents get rid of it. 

Helena made this necklace for me for Christmas, Pretty nifty, huh?

Outfit Details:
Southwest Patterned Shirt- Thrift Store ($.50)
Maxi Skirt- Thrift Store ($4?)
White Wool Hat- We've had it in the house forever. It used to have little tail/tie things, but I cut them off.
Black Boots- Thrift Store ($3)
Necklace- Helena
Ring- Was my Grandma's 

Have a great day!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Churchapalooza: Part 2

Part two of my slightly ridiculous church-touring Spanish field trip last week. These photos were taken using black and white film, but for some reason they turned out more black and blue. I guess I'm alright with that though.

Sooo many churches that day. And I'm not even religious. I don't usually take pictures of churches, but I'm pretty happy with the way these turned out. One more part to this then I'm done. I swear.